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A quick rundown of pharmacy system software

Pharmacy System Software and its applications for today's pharmacy


Pharmacy system software is becoming more advanced and this is good news for pharmacists and for patients. It means there are fewer prescription errors because computers handle the bulk of the work, and it frees up pharmacists to spend time with their patients.

Here’s a quick rundown of some the pharmacy system software on the market:

Company: Innovation

Product: PharmASSIST Symphony

PharmASSIST Symphony is a pharmacy workflow system that can be used as a stand-alone workflow system (without counting technology or robotics), with counting technology or robotics (and is then called PharmASSIST Symphony+), and in PharmASSIST High Volume Solutions (for central fill, mail order, closed-door pharmacies).

PharmASSIST Symphony directs prescription filling using a combination of bar code scanning, medication and script imagery, and prescription details including:

- Order entry

- Prescription imaging

- Prescription filling (both manual and automated)

- Prescription verification

- Will call bin management

- E-signature capture

- Patient pick-up

The system also provides:

- Reporting (standard report library and customized reporting capability).

- Prescription tracking (end to end, from order entry to patient pick-up).

- Problem management (troubleshooting of problem prescriptions).

- Communication management (tracks all communication activity – such as physicians’ authorizations/faxes).

- Integrates with all of the industry's most prominent pharmacy management systems) and various POS systems, and perpetual inventory systems.


Product: SP Central Workflow

ScriptPro's SP Central Workflow System coordinates the entire pharmacy workflow. It identifies and batches all prescriptions to ensure proper medication delivery. It can handle both unit-of-use and manual prescriptions.

How it works is the servers receive every prescription then route them to the SP 100 or SP 200, which fills and labels up to 150 prescriptions per hour.

This software provides reports for pharmacists so they know exactly what is happening in their operation—everything from who filled a prescription to how many prescriptions are being filled daily.

A pharmacist checks each prescription using barcode scanning. He or she compares physical orders with images on a screen to ensure accuracy.

This advanced workflow technology directs the dispensing process from point of entry to patient delivery.

Company: Catalyst Healthcare Innovation

Product: OneMAR Innovation

The OneMAR internet based system integrates all the information and systems in a pharmacy and is designed to work with long-term care facilities. OneMAR links the pharmacy prescription system with the packaging technology and the long-term care facility.

It replaces the paper medication administration record (MAR) with an electronic MAR that’s accessed by scanning packages. When a barcode is scanned it brings up all of a patient’s information including their medical history and their photo, dosing of medications and what times they get each medication.

It increases patient safety; reduces duplication in online ordering; increases direct involvement in resident management with knowledge of all nursing requests to physicians; and tracks drug information at patient level in real-time.

A 2008 study of OneMAR showed that the eMAR process proved to be 2.6 times more efficient than the manual MAR process, and that oneMAR safety measures prevent accidental administration of discontinued medications and prompt the receipt and processing of new prescriptions.

“The no. 1 goal is to reduce errors and we have had some sites reduce errors by 92%,” says Harvinder Johal, co-founder of Catalyst Healthcare.

So far, OneMAR is installed in 28 pharmacies and just under 70 facilities, but Johal says that number will double this year, mostly through U.S. growth.

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