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Pharmacy Technology

New technology, from robots that fill prescription orders to in-store touchscreens that allow patients to match symptoms to OTC medicines, have the potential to make pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical care more efficient, more cost-effective and more patient-friendly. Using the right machines, computers and software can also make pharmacists and pharmacy technicians more accurate and more productive.

Internet Pharmacy FAQs: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Pharmacies
Legitimate pharmacy websites require prescription orders and operate in compliance with federal and state laws regulating mail service pharmacies.

When Is It OK to Import a Prescription Drug Into the U.S. for Personal Use?
Patients living in the United States can only obtain medications for personal use from suppliers based outside the country if they satisfy strict criteria.

Automation: The Future Is Now
Robots, networked computers, PDAs and other tools are making pharmacists and pharmacy technicians more productive and accurate.

Robots Dispense Drugs to Keep Us Safer
A patient advocate highlights how properly used pick-and-fill robots reduce medication dispensing errors.

Electronic Prescribing
Using computers to receive and confirm prescription orders frees up pharmacists' time for counseling and protects patients against wrong-drug and wrong-dose errors.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
RFID tagging of pharmaceutical products helps prevent drug counterfeiting, manage pharmacy inventory and locate batches that could harm patients.

A Quick Rundown of Pharmacy Software
Get the specs on OneMAR Innovation, PharmASSIST Symphony and ScriptPro's SP Central Workflow System.

Central Fill: Essential Pharmacy Software
Automating the pick, pour, count, fill and label steps of the prescription order filling process can increase pharmacy productivity.

Innovation, a Leading Company in Pharmacy Technology
This firm develops scalable automated systems for pharmacies.

ScriptPro, One of the First Companies to Embrace Pharmacy Technology
Visit the company's website to learn if it sells or can develop a filling machine or software package to improve workflow in your pharmacy.

Evincii's In Store Technology Helps Customers
This profile describes how the company developed a touchscreen OTC medication finder for customers and patients visiting community pharmacies.

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