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Pharmacy Management

Keeping up with innovations in customer services, retail sales and human resources policies is essential for any pharmacy owner or pharmacist responsible for training and supervising pharmacy staff. Get insights from other industries and learn from profiles of pharmacists in a range of pharmacy practice settings.
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PBM, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Terms, Part 1: AMP to FUL
Dispensing fees reflecting the costs of doing business and providing patient care and counseling are added to product cost estimates to yield pharmacy reimbursement rates.

PBM, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Terms, Part 2: MAC to WAMP
Pharmacy reimbursement rates represent an insurers' estimation of product cost plus dispensing fees reflecting the costs of doing business and providing patient care and counseling.

How to Prevent Thefts From Pharmacies
Pharmacists, technicians and clerks must work together to ensure their workplace has the necessary physical security, pharmacy software and personnel policies in place to deter crime.

Maintaining Good Physician Relationships
Pharmacists deal with doctors all day long. Here's how to make sure you're maintaining good physician relationships.

Effective Writing Skills
Get tips for communicating clearly in a world where more and more interactions occur via e-mail and memo.

What Is Medication Therapy Management?
Medication therapy management (MTM) helps save lives because pharmacists work closely with patients to ensure they comply with taking their medication and ensure there are no dangerous drug interactions.

A Quick Introduction to Pharmacy Malpractice Insurance
Carrying individual professional liability insurance can protect a pharmacist, student pharmacist or pharmacy technician from losing everything in a civil lawsuit stemming from a medication error.

Pharmacists' Conscience Rights: When Is It OK to Refusal to Fill a Prescription
Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and student pharmacists may have moral, ethical or religious objections to dispensing certain medications, particularly emergency contraceptives.

Working in Chain Pharmacy
Working for grocery chain Supervalu, Amir Masood is a residency preceptor, a clinical specialist and a clinical point person.

How to Plan and Prepare for an Emergency Affecting Your Pharmacy
Business disaster plans must account for pharmacists', student pharmacists', pharmacy technicians' and sales clerks' safety while also laying out a path for business continuity.

How Pharmacists Can Help People Prepare for Disasters
Pharmacists need to make sure their patients have complete and up-to-date medication records and sufficient supplies of prescription drugs before disaster strikes.

Working in an Independent Pharmacy
An independent pharmacy is often at the heart of a community. Here's what running one entails.

Working in a Hospital Pharmacy
Working as a hospital pharmacist can mean having limited face-to-face time with patients and working closely with doctors and nurses.

Working in a Long-Term Care Pharmacy
Nursing home patients and assisted-living community residents can benefit from clinical services provided by pharmacists.

Working in a Compounding Pharmacy
Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who specialize in preparing dosages customized for individual patients can find their services in high demand.

Sterile Compounding Guidelines: Standards, Equipment and Contracting
Complying with USP 797 drug compounding standards is not practical for all pharmacies, so choosing a contract compounder carefully is essential.

How Does FDA Regulate Drug Compounding by Pharmacies?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sets no limit on how many customized dosage forms a pharmacy can prepare.

Internet Pharmacy FAQs: 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Pharmacies
Legitimate online pharmacies exist and can be identified by the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites logo.

When Is It OK to Import a Prescription Drug Into the U.S. for Personal Use?
Practically ever product sold through a "Canadian pharmacy" website is considered counterfeit and illegal to purchase or own under laws enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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