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Pharmacy Glossary

Understanding what pharmacists and pharmacy technicians do requires knowing the definitions of key pharmacy terms such as "medication therapy management" and "the Hatch-Waxman Act." New in-depth descriptions of keywords in pharmacy are added the glossary often.
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What Do Drug Side Effect Terms Mean? Part 1, ALT/AST to Bronchospasm
Scientific terms and technical phrases used to name and describe adverse events often create more confusion over, than understanding of, medication risks.

What Do Drug Side Effect Terms Mean? Part 2, Dysgeusia to Hepatic Toxicity
Do not be confused by the scientific terms used in prescription drug package inserts and medication guides dispensed by pharmacists.

What Do Drug Side Effect Terms Mean? Part 3, Hypercalcemia to Myelosuppression
Confused over scientific terms used in prescription drug package inserts? Get the definitions here.

What Do Drug Side Effect Terms Mean? Part 4, Nasopharyngitis to RPLS
Don’t let medical jargon keep you from understanding the risks you may face when taking prescription drugs.

What Do Drug Side Effect Terms Mean? Part 5, Septicemia to Xerostemia
Medical jargon should not prevent you from knowing the potential risks prescription medications pose.

ACOs -- Accountable Care Organizations
Accountable Care Organizations can bring together doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers to collaborate and coordinate services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medical Homes -- aka, Health Homes
Medical homes, which CMS officials tend to call health homes, are named in the Obamacare law as models for doctors, pharmacists and counselors to coordinate health services for chronically ill Medicaid beneficiaries.

DMEPOS 101 for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Clerks
Selling, servicing and training patients to use durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies can be a valuable contribution pharmacists make to health care.

The Hatch-Waxman Act
First enacted in 1984, this federal law opened the U.S. market for prescription and OTC drugs to meaningful price competition by easing rules for getting generic pharmaceutical products approved.

Controlled Substances: What DEA and State Drug Schedules Mean for Pharmacists
Placement on a federal or state controlled substance schedule indicates a drug can cause addiction, be abused for nonmedical purposes and cause potentially fatal side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration
Review the timeline for and major accomplishments of the FDA from its origins in the Progressive Era through 1998.

What Are Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, or APIs?
Also known as bulk pharmaceuticals, these chemicals are what make prescription and over-the-counter drug work.

What Is Nonsterile Drug Compounding?
"Nonsterile" means only that the merest trace of contamination does not threaten the lives of people who use the products.

What Are Dietary Supplements and How Are They Regulated?
A federal law called DSHEA specifies that vitamins, mineral, herbals, botanicals and enzymes are distinct from prescription and OTC drugs.

What Is the Strategic National Stockpile?
The SNS includes prescription drugs, OTC medications and surgical and other medical supplies needed to treat victims of natural disasters, pandemics and terrorist attacks.

PBM, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Terms, Part 1: AMP to FUL
Learn what average manufacturer price, average sale price, average wholesale price, federal upper limit and maximum allowable cost mean and how the calculations get used to set insurance payments to pharmacies.

PBM, Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement Terms, Part 2: MAC to WAMP
Learn what maximum allowable cost, multiple source drug, single source drug and widely available market price mean.

Introduction to Biotechnology
This brief overview introduces readers to how advances in molecular biology and genetics are reshaping products in all markets, including those for food and drugs.

Drug Pipelines
Before new brand name pharmaceuticals reach pharmacies and patients, they progress through years of basic research and clinical trials.

A Day in the Life of a Pharmacist
Read what practicing pharmacists think of their jobs and the pharmacy profession as a whole.

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