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Pharmacy Customer Service

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and store clerks must deal with many different people in diverse lines of work. Pharmacy staff can encounter rude customers, sick patients, pushy sales reps, unresponsive insurance company personnel and busy doctors and nurses. Discover what pharmacy can learn about excellent customer service from other industries.

Maintaining Good Physician Relationships

Pharmacists deal with doctors all day long. Here's how to make sure you're maintaining good physician relationships.

Now Pay Attention: Good Listening Skills

Get invaluable tips on really hearing and understanding what patients, prescribers and insurers are telling you.

Effective Writing Skills

With more communication occurring via email, text and other electronic means, knowing how to write clearly and concisely is more important than ever.

How to Deal With the Unexpected, or Just Another Day at the Office

Real-world examples illustrate how to prevent small workplace glitches from escalating into major crises.

What to Do if You Make a Mistake

Admit your error and work to formulate and implement a solution.

Cultivating Excellent Patient Relationships

Getting to know your pharmacy patients, and making sure they know you, helps you provide the highest quality and most timely care.

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