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Community Pharmacy

A majority of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians practice and provide health care in community pharmacies. This pharmacy practice area encompasses chain pharmacies, independent drug stores, community health centers and medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to dispensing prescription medications and selling OTC drugs, many independent pharmacies also offer patient counseling services, provide natural and homeopathic remedies and sell durable medical equipment ranging from blood glucose testing supplies to canes, wheelchairs and orthopedic shoes.

Working in Chain Pharmacy
Supervalu chain pharmacist Amir Masood is a residency preceptor, clinical specialist and clinical point person for patients needing more care than just having prescriptions filled.

Working in an Independent Pharmacy
An independent pharmacy is often at the heart of a community. Here's what running one entails.

What Obamacare Means for Community Pharmacists
Changes to how community pharmacists handle Medicaid claims, DMEPOS sales and providing medication therapy management services are coming with the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

What Is Medication Therapy Management?
Medication therapy management, or MTM, save lives when pharmacists work closely with patients to ensure they adhere to their pharmacotherapy while avoiding drug interactions and adverse events.

Pharmacist Immunizers Fill an Essential Public Health Role
Community pharmacists in chain and independent pharmacies are in prime positions to vaccinate patients against many diseases, especially flu, chicken pox ans shingles.

How Pharmacists Can Help People Prepare for Disasters
Stocking medicines, food and supplies ranging from batteries to blankets, community pharmacies make perfect places for people to find the materials they need in the event of natural disasters or emergencies.

How to Incorporate Homeopathy and Nutrition Into a Whole Pharmacy Practice
A nutritionist working with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in an independent pharmacy and a PharmD pharmacist who developed an integrative consultant practice share their insights on meeting patients' growing need for complementary and alternative medicine services.

How Are OTC Drug Ads Regulated? Does It Matter?
Patients', pharmacists' and pharmacy technicians' best resource for accurate, unbiased information on a nonprescription medication is the product's FDA-mandated Drug Facts label.

A Day in the Life of a Pharmacist
Get perspectives on what working as a pharmacist is like straight from practitioners in the field.

Evincii's In Store Technology Helps Customers
The company created a Search Box that allows pharmacy patients and patients to quickly find OTC remedies for the their symptoms and on the shelves.

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