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International Pharmacy Associations

Reach across boundaries to learn more and help more patients


Patients and affiliated health care professionals in every country benefit from the knowledge, training and skills of pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Each nation may not have its own professional and educational associations for pharmacy practitioners, but many do. Like their U.S. counterparts, the organizations ensure that members have legal authority and adequate resources to dispense medications, administer treatments, counsel patients and improve health.

This list is far from comprehensive. Most groups are English-speaking countries, primarily because it is the only language I speak. If I have omitted your association, email me so I can add the group’s website and description.

Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns

French Name: L'Association Canadienne des Etudiants et Internes en Pharmacie

Website: http://capsi.ca

Members & Mission: CAPSI has councils at pharmacy faculties and colleges across the country. The group advocates for professional and educational opportunities for individuals studying to become pharmacists and for people on pharmacy internships.

Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy

French Name: Conseil Canadien de l’Education Permanente en Pharmacie

Website: http://www.cccep.org/

Members & Mission: Schools and training programs for student pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists get reviewed and accredited by the CCCEP.

Canadian Pharmacists Association

French Name: Association des Pharmaciens du Canada

Website: http://www.pharmacists.ca

Members & Mission: The CPhA is the oldest and most all-encompassing pharmacy organization in Canada. It publishes the Canadian Pharmacists Journal and offers a range of practice resources and continuing education opportunities.

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

French Name: Société Canadienne des Pharmaciens d’Hospitaux

Website: http://www.pharmacists.ca

Members & Mission: Pharmacists who practice primarily in hospitals, long-term care facilities, hospices and other clinical settings can connect with colleagues and find relevant information through the CSHP.

Drug Information Association

Website: http://www.diahome.org

Members & Mission: As stated on its website, the DIA “is a neutral, global nonprofit association that provides … professionals at all levels and across all disciplines access to timely and authoritative information to advance careers, skills, and innovation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and related fields.”

Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

Website: http://www.ghp.org.uk/home

Members & Mission: The GHP is the UK analog to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. Most of its members practice in hospitals and in-patient facilities.

Institute of Pharmacy Management

Website: http://www.ipmi.org.uk

Members & Mission: Based in England and drawing members from across Great Britain, the IPM primarily represents independent and chain pharmacists.

International Pharmaceutical Federation

French Name: Federation Internationale d’Pharmaceutique

Website: http://www.fip.org

Members & Mission: Some 2 million pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical researchers are represented by the organizations that coordinate efforts and communicate through the IPSF.

International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

Website: http://www.ipsf.org

Members & Mission: The IPSF has affiliates in nearly 80 countries. One of its primary missions is to develop and implement uniform standards for pharmacy training and licensing around the globe.

International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology

Website: http://www.pharmacoepi.org

Members & Mission: Researchers and regulators concerned with the positive and negative effects of medications used by large numbers of patients have a home in the ISPE.

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