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Pharmacy Careers

Pharmacies employ pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and clerks. Each job in the pharmacy requires different skills and education. Read these articles to learn about the job requirements and responsibilities for a pharmacist, a pharmacy technician and a clerk in pharmacies in community, hospital and other settings.
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How to Get the Best Employees Through Good Interviewing Techniques
Get invaluable tips on interviewing candidates for pharmacy jobs from a national talent resource manager.

Seven Essential Interview Questions for Pharmacists
A national talent resource manager outlines the most important information pharmacy owners and managers need to get from candidates for pharmacists jobs.

Phamacist Career Planning from the ACPE
Go to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education website to get information on earning a PharmD degree and qualifying for and maintaining a license to practice pharmacy in the United States.

Ways to Become a Pharmacy First Responder
Opportunities for pharmacy practitioners to serve as first responders include signing up with Rx Response, volunteering for a National Pharmacy Response Team and serving as a U.S. Public Health Service or military pharmacist, intern or pharmacy technician.

What Is the Strategic National Stockpile?
Extensive federal and state training is required for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work with the stockpile.

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